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Kenny Marquez


As a musical group, the talented, young artists known as Renegade have enjoyed uncommon success. With worldwide sales of more than 30 million units, Renegade found their fan following to be loyal and rabid. But, after making an international name for themselves with gold albums in Mexico, platinum singles in Mexico, a double platinum album in Japan, a double platinum album in three additional countries and a gold album in Canada, how will the musical sensation known as Renegade top themselves? A new project featuring the signature Renegade sound and vocals should do it.

In the year 2005, Allied Artists Records has brought the talented quartet together to release a new album and hit the road to rekindle a love affair with their fans across the globe.

Collectively, Kenny Marquez, Luis Cardenas, Tony De La Rosa and Danny David Flores have carved their own significant niche in the music industry. As one of the first Latin rockers to hit the music scene, the members of Renegade faced their share of adversity and closed doors. But as their moniker implies, these guys were determined to carry on, follow their dreams and make a name for themselves in the states and around the globe. Now, they're poised to do it again.

Growing up together in east Los Angeles wasn't easy. The four first met in school, singing in choir. Magically, a connection was made early on. When the individual families all migrated to neighboring Whittier, the die was cast and soon thereafter, Renegade was born.

Still in High School, the band was constantly rehearsing and gigging around Los Angeles. A CBS Records development deal led to the band being snapped up by Allied Artists. Their youth and ability to create killer vocals and music was soon apparent as executives at Allied mapped out a strategy for the group. The first release, "Rock 'N Roll Crazy!" proved to be a career maker. Renegade was off and running. A string of hits ensued as Renegade album sales literally went "rock and roll crazy. "33 million units and several US and world tours later, Renegade was rolling. The group released additional hit albums ("Renegade II, On The Run," "Nuns on Wheels" and "Renegade Live") that spawned several successful solo projects. Drummer and one of the four lead singers, Luis Cardenas received a Grammy nomination for his video "Runaway" and a hit single from his "Animal Instinct" album, "Hungry for your Love." The boys took an extended hiatus, enjoying their break from each other by "shredding" and acting as guns for hire on various projects.

Having honed their chops for the last few years, keeping busy as in-demand studio musicians, these "Renegades" yearned to once again take the stage with their no excuses, take no prisoners attitude. The resurgence of the Allied label afforded Kenny, Luis, Tony and Danny the luxury of rehearsing in a new studio, working on the dozens of tracks and tunes the band has prepared for the new project. They note, "The hard part will be selecting the 12-14 tracks we need. We're hip deep in new tunes and we can't wait to perform together, live, once again." The return of Renegade is upon us.

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Luis Cardenas


Tony De La Rosa


Danny David Flores