March 11, 2019 - admin_renegade

Abilene Reporter-News United States

Shoppers couldn’t have missed [Luis] Cardenas and his dinosaur sauntering through the stores and stopping to sign autographs at Hasting’s Record Store.
It was great. All the kids started following us, like in the ‘Pied Piper,’” Cardenas said later.
But the true purpose of the Abilene stop was to conduct interviews with the Reporter-News and radio station KEYJ-FM on Monday.
Through it all, cameras were rolling for an MTV documentary . . .
For the next 20 minutes he talked, always pleasantly, about his new solo career; his years with the rock group Renegade, which he formed and still belongs to; his upcoming tour [with] the Monkees; and his love for animals.
While “Runaway” (a cover version of the 1961 Del Shannon hit) featured dinosaurs, the upcoming video for “Hungry For Your Love” will co-star Cardenas’ tiger, Bundi. [Photo Omitted]

Abilene Reporter-News
United States