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And while its release marks a significant departure in the career of the youthful drummer / singer / songwriter, it is not, as one might surmise, his departure from the band that has absorbed his time and energy for the last five years, . . L.A.-based hard rockers . . . Renegade. Instead, [it] is a flexing of Cardenas’ more commercial muscles, a thing not often afforded a drummer and lead vocalist for a heavy metal outfit.
It was Renegade that Kim Richards . . brought out of a development contract at CBS. . . They were a green, but budding group of rockers then, one which he’s been guiding since their high school days.
. . .
They have released two albums to date, plus a soon-to-be released (on Allied Artists Home Video) 90-minute live concert video.
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The present day Renegade was formed by recruits from Los Angeles-area bands, brought together by Cardenas and Richards. “We played the Whiskey, we played all the Starwood . . . ” Cardenas said of the band’s early L.A. club days. “we played all the local clubs, and we did some mini-tours. We have trouble getting into Flippers (the now defunct L.A. roller-disco) because we were hispanic . . . They throught we were going to come in with spray paint and knives and stuff! It was really shocking. We couldn’t believe it.”
The band left the club scene for greener pastures three years ago, and Cardenas now looks forward to [a] career that not only includes a solo vent for his own material, but continued writing, recording and touring with Renegade. And there have been movie offers, several of them, which Cardenas remains rather circumspect in accepting, preferring at this point to keep his focus on the music. [Photo Omitted]

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