March 11, 2019 - admin_renegade

Dallas Morning News United States

At the personal request of Kenny Rogers, the four members of Renegade – – Luis Cardenas, Kenny Marquez, Tony De La Rosa and [Danny David Flores], made a whirlwind swing through Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Texarkana yesterday to promote . . . [a charity event]. The Southern California musicians, who happen to be Latin, are popular with Hispanic teenagers throughout Texas. Police were required to restrain screaming fans as the band’s Lear Jet, adorned with their logo, screamed into Texarkana’s airport at about 1:30 p.m.. Although limousines and a police escort were on hand, band members broke from the heavy security long enough to sign autographs and mug for cameras. Texarkana resident, Suzi Goodman, told the Morning News that “they’re so nice, they tried to shake everyone’s hand, and sign everybody’s book!” After several pre-arranged appearances and one impromptu stop at the state line, they ascended the steps of their jet and roared into the afternoon sky. Renegade will join Kenny Rogers, Lionel Ritchie and Lee Greenwood at the Texas/New Mexico border [during the event]. [Photo Omitted]

Dallas Morning News
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