March 11, 2019 - admin_renegade

Northampton Chronicle & Echo England

LUIS Cardenas is about to roar in to Britain and take us all by storm.
Having made his name . . . as drummer with top rockers Renegade, Luis is now trying his hand at some solo work.
His first single is a re-run of the well worn Del Shannon classic Runaway.
. . .
Luis is quick to point out that he’s still a committed member of Renegade but during a period of relative inactivity he had the chance to do something on his own and went for it.
. . .
“The rest if the guys are all quite happy with what I’m doing as they realise it’s not going to effect my position with Renegade.
. . .
He formed Renegade when he was 16 and the band have gone from strength to strength in the states ever since, building up a reputation as one of the best live bands around. [Photo Omitted]

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