March 11, 2019 - admin_renegade

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Luis Cardenas is working on building a name for himself and a great deal of that construction lie in video. His first offering, a remake of the Del Shannon classic, “Runaway,” has gained him a following of loyal video junkies, an obviously different core from the rock and rollers that already know Cardenas, both solo and with his band Renegade.
The actual clip is outrageous; something like Ratt meets the cast of the Land Of The Lost Broadway musical. Imagine, if you will, the two figures on the opposite page whooping it up in a junk yard with several other scaly friends. “Regular” dinosaurs turn into mow-hawked, glammed-out, rock and roll dinosaurs as Cardenas jumps around, crooning over lost love and drumming up a storm. The idea to make something so different was a good one and it has worked beautifully as instant exposure.
. . .
Luis Cardenas will, in all likelihood, continue to make videos with an original twist. He has just completed a clip for “Hungry For Your Love” featuring, of all people, Phyllis Diller. The video age will always be with us and, considering his past accomplishments, and luckily, so will Luis Cardenas. [Photo Omitted]

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