March 11, 2019 - admin_renegade

Tiger Beat Magazine United States

The four young men who make up Renegade share a strange, almost mystical relationship, one so close that they can practically read each other’s thoughts! “We’re so close,” says . . . [Danny] David Flores, “that when we get together to write, score and arrange music – everything seems to come together perfectly!”
The four band members, [Danny] David Flores, Kenny Marquez, [Tony De La Rosa] and Luis Cardenas have such a camaraderie, it spills into the audience. “The audience wants to feel what we’re feeling,” says drummer Luis, “and we try to make them part of the show.”
Stylistically, the band runs from heavy metal to poetic rock ballads and their songs zero in on the hopes, dreams and desires of young people.
Their debut album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Crazy! has had a great response, and the band is looking forward to performing live around the world! [photo omitted]

Tiger Beat Magazine
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