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LUIS CARDENAS is not normal. Sure, he looks the part of the average rock ‘n’ roll star: long, curly brown hair and eyes, animal print clothes… Then you remember that he keeps a full-grown tiger for a pet, holds a Guiness World Record for for the largest drum set and dances with guitar playing dinosaurs in his video.

The . . . Hispanic drummer is currently making the rounds promoting his new release, “Animal Instinct.” When not involved in solo projects, he can be found playing with the Los Angeles heavy metal outfit, RENEGADE.
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Success was not immediate and RENEGADE paid its dues in L.A. clubs, overcoming problems due to the bands’ ethnic origins. “We had trouble because we were Hispanic. They thought we were gonna come into their clubs with knives and spray cans and terrorize their places. It wasn’t that way at all.

RENEGADE’s local following grew and they eventually caught the ear of Allied Artists Records chairman KIM RICHARDS. The resulting album, “Rock ‘n Roll Crazy,” went gold [internationally] an dled to tours with BLUE OYSTER CULT, ZZ TOP and JEFFERSON STARSHIP.

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“After Christmas, I’m doing a tour with the MONKEES. I’ll be going to Japan and then I’ll be back in the studio doing the next RENEGADE album and a RENEGADE tour after that.”

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Whatever the new year brings, you can be certain that CARDENAS is ready. “I knew it would happen. I just didn’t know it would happen so fast!” [Photo Omitted]

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